David, Geometry and Chemistry, Friends Seminary
"Kristina is so understanding and really pushed me to do my best as well as expanding my basic knowledge of the subjects"

Rebecca, GRE Quantitative Section, Harvard University
"Kristina is a kind and patient tutor who took the time to explain the fundamentals, even though we were just doing (what some would call) "simple" GRE math.  As an older student, she helped me face my insecurities about math and get the score I needed to get into Harvard!"

Priya, AP Calculus, The Kew-Forest School
"I have worked with a few tutors in the past and I can honestly say that Kristina was by far the best. Kristina really has a passion for learning and she is able to share her passion with her students. Moreover, she truly has a deep understanding for the subjects she teaches allowing her to efficiently teach.  She is able to break down the material and make it extremely easy to understand. Kristina helped me prepare for the AP Calculus exam and she helped me pinpoint my weaknesses and strengths. She helped me become familiar with the test, which ultimately led to my success on the exam. Most importantly, Kristina truly cares about her students and she is really able to connect with them. Each and every one of my lessons with Kristina were enjoyable.  She is an amazing tutor!!!"

Alyse, GRE Quantitative Section, SUNY New Paltz
"Kristina helped me improve my score on the quantitative section on the GRE and I was accepted to my first choice master's program in a very competitive field. This is coming from someone who has a math related learning disability and despises math. Would HIGHLY recommend!"

Michel'le, Environmental Engineer, Columbia University
"Kristina is understanding and easy going. She has awesome communication skills and is an avid learner and teacher. Her broad knowledge and understanding of many topics sets her apart from other single-subject tutors. She tackles the most difficult subjects with you and with ease. I recommend for her exquisite calculus skills particularly."

Danielle, Chemistry and Physics, Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Mom's thoughts:
"Consistently we found that Kristina was very knowledgable in all of these subjects. Kristina was also able to explain the material very well to my daughter.  After classes with Kristina my daughter always felt good with the material and work they did together. With Kristina's help my daughter obtained very high grades on her lab reports, exams and final grades in Chemistry and Physics.  I highly recommend Kristina."

Emily, GRE Quantitative Section, Duke University
"Kristina was instrumental in helping me study for the math section of the GRE. She was able to explain difficult concepts in terms I could easily understand and provided plenty of real-world examples that accurately reflected what I encountered on the test. I ended up doing very well and getting into my top choice PhD program. I would definitely recommend Kristina as a tutor for any subject."

Sarah, Chemistry, SUNY Farmingdale
Asking for help sometimes can be difficult. I was welcomed with open arms to Kristina's tutoring services. No question I asked was a stupid question. For problems that I needed extra help with she was able to explain it to me as many times as necessary, even up to five times, with zero frustration and complete consideration of the difficulties I was having. Kristina was able to assist me in fine-tuning my problem solving and test taking skills to get those simple extra points! Learning can be easy with a great teacher. She makes it very easy for video chatting tutoring and is very understandable of your schedule. Bottom line, tutoring dosent get any better than this!"

Michael, Math and Science, Columbia University Science Honors Program
Parents' Thoughts:                                                                                                                                                              
“Kristina Gsell is a truly exceptional tutor.  Needless to say, she is extremely bright and well-educated.  However, it is her diligence, patience and calm approach that makes her the best tutor with whom we have worked.  Kristina really went the extra mile for our son, conducting research as needed before each session to be sure that she covered every aspect of the subject matter.  We are grateful for her hard work, and happily recommend her without reservation.”   

Michael's thoughts:
“I can’t thank Kristina enough for helping me get into the Columbia University Science Honors Program!  I really enjoyed working with her, and felt fully-prepared to take the very demanding entrance exam.  Kristina challenged me to think outside the box, and I learned to view things from a unique perspective.”

Hana, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Statistics, Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Hana's thoughts:
"My high school was rather advanced when it came to academics ... math—was particularly difficult for me. Kristina, said tutor, and I hit off the sessions really well and got along nicely, which made the tutoring even more productive.  She always made sure to create a lesson plan, which was based off of materials that my teacher would provide to her via email. Each session would cover the homework assigned as well as the content for the next class. Thus, I had a very solid understanding of the material ahead of time and was able to really utilize that knowledge during class and understand the material on a deeper level.

After a while of tutoring, I started to notice how my grades were beginning to improve. This visible progress inspired more enthusiasm and confidence, which allowed me to appreciate calculus, more than I was before. By the end of the year, I scored a 100 on the final exam given to the class—a feat that was definitely not possible without Kristina's amazing support.

Kristina definitely is one of the best tutors I’ve had or seen. In my opinion, a great deal of her effectiveness as a teacher comes from her ability to adjust her teaching style to her individual students' needs. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with classes in her area of expertise, as she is a great teacher and great person!"

Mom's thoughts:
"Kristina saved my daughter's high school life.  She is smart, patient and warm, the most ideal tutor you could ever have.  My daughter was having such a hard time on Math in high school and was on the verge of losing confidence in herself.  But, ever since Kristina started tutoring her, my daughter started to feel more relaxed and comfortable with Math.  My daughter said that the way she taught her solved all the problems she had at school. Thanks to her, her Math grade steadfastly improved, and in the end, she got full marks on a test.  I highly recommend Kristina."